An extension to your house is an exceptional way to add value to your home, expand your living space and enhance the way you live.

Whether you're searching for an all new kitchen extension, or even a complete house refurbishment, we can assist you every step of the way.

We are offering these extensions as a turn key package!

Whether you want the ideal kitchen or dining room which you dream of for entertaining guests, additional bedrooms, bathrooms or a nice quiet study, we can turn your fantasies into reality.

We'll work with you to decide the size, shape, windows, electric fittings and doors, consisting of all of the significant finishing touches.You save money and time. The whole job happens under 1 roof.


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Saunas and sauna cabins provide a haven of tranquility, a place to unwind, cleanse your body and refresh your mind. Especially with these cold days ahead of us, it is perfect to relax after a long day. Instead of spending extravagant amounts on spa packages, you may find that a home sauna is a worthwhile investment that can save you loads in the long term.
Even if the money isn't there now you can always apply for finance and get one of these beautiful saunas from €70 a month with Humm!