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Our transport cases are hand made from birch plywood with a black PVC or coloured laminate finish. Alternatively, astroboard a heavy duty plastic can be used where a lighter case is required. The inside of the cases are foam lined with hard or soft polyethylene foam. Anti-static or conductive foam may be fitted on request.


Our cases are riveted together using aluminium framing. This has an angle inside an angle which locks the timber in place for added durability and the heavy duty steel corners ensure protection during transportation. The aluminium location strip ensures a snug fit between base and lid.


Fittings are chosen from a  variety of handles, catches, hinges and castors, all carried in stock. All of these features guarantee that our cases are some of the strongest made and are certain to last for many years.

Why choose our product?
Individual approach - we will create the best possible offer for you that will meet your requirements and needs.
High quality and precise handmade work - no Chinese imitation.
Made-to-measure - you can prevent unwanted movement of the device in the packaging with the dimensions you specify.
High Strength - Touring design for use even under the most demanding conditions.

Suitable For: DJ's ,museums,galleries,guns,lightning equipment,electronic equipment,music equipment,laboratory equipment and many other items that need protection while being transported.

  • Visit our gallery for examples of our transport cases.
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